TNR Rapid Roll Doors


TNR Doors provides a new generation of custom high performance doors that provide best-in-class durability and reliability.

Our world is increasingly on the move and that includes people, raw materials, finished products, and much more. Logistics and Transportation facilities require frequent vehicle access. Efficient movement in and out of buildings demands doors that are fast and reliable. TNR’s high-performance rubber roll-up doors have proven to be an outstanding solution for reliable service in airports, hospitals, emergency services, transit facilities, manufacturing, warehouse and distributions facilities worldwide.

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About the supplier

Emerging as a leading name in the marketplace, our dedicated team has over 435 years of combined experience in the commercial and industrial high performance door industry. With over 50 years of combined experience specifically in engineering and applications problem solving, a new and evolving generation of high performance roll-up doors has been brought to market, meeting the specific needs of businesses worldwide.

Manufacturing, food processing, automotive, bus transit stations, parking garages, postal outlets, airports, and railways.


  • Suitable for applications up to 20 feet in width or height.
  • Self-supporting steel mounting angle
  • Knock-away double angle steel bottom bar for 10lb/ft with rubber loop and reversing edge
  • Frame mounted thru-beam photoelectric sensor
  • High-Efficiency Heligear Head (HG) Operator with multi-function PLC panel
  • Soft Start Soft Stop using Inverter technology
  • Door speed of up to 60 inches per second
  • Counterbalance spring assembly cycle rating of 100,000



  • 1/4″ SBR rubber, polyester core weave remains functional in temperatures -40ºF to +180ºF
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on curtain and NEWGEN Guide System. 2-year warranty on all other parts & workmanship.
  • Patented NEWGEN Guide and Curtain Lok System. After an impact the door is up and running in minutes.
  • Sleek profile, easy installation, reduced clearances & minimal maintenance. No hinges, cables, pulleys or tension springs.
  • Heavy Duty industrial drive system with soft start / soft stop frequency inverter drive (except on manual doors).
  • Self-supporting steel frame, Knock-away bottom bar, thru-beam photoelectric safety sensor.