FinDoor Hinge Mounted Doors

FinDoor Hinge Mounted Doors


Are you looking for a weathertight, easy to use and durable entry door or double door, which will be easy to open even in the wintertime? Findoor’s dependable hinge-mounted doors are exceptionally suitable for the challenging conditions posed by, for example, agriculture or industry.

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About the supplier

FINDOOR is Canada’s biggest manufacturer of folding doors. Our own installers install the doors and make sure that they work trouble-free. In this way you can get guaranteed quality from FinDoor, designed to withstand use in Canadian working environments.

Findoor’s entry and double doors are durable, assuredly operational and weathertight choices to meet the demanding conditions in, for example, a barn. Our durable and always functional hinged door has been designed to withstand heavy, potentially severely wearing use in demanding conditions as a workplace door without any diminishment of its assured functionality.

The door has a minimal number of moving parts, for which reason door maintenance is also minimized. After installation, the door will require only some hinge lubrication to last through the next 20-30 years. All of our hinged doors come with a two year warranty regardless of which installation option is chosen.

The doors are coated with sheet steel that has a treated surface, and the core of the door is non-absorbent to water. The door comes mounted inside a galvanized steel frame, and the weather-stripping is of EPDM rubber, which holds up well extreme conditions. The hinged doors are manufactured as a single panel or as a two-paneled double door. These can be fitted with double door-sweep style weather-stripping on the bottom edge of the door, in which case there is no threshold, or, instead, with a steel threshold.

These hinged doors are also available with a fire resistance classification of EI120 (blocks the spread of flames and maintains a safe temperature differential between the spaces on either side of the door for up to 120 minutes).