Weartough Multiseal Dock Seal

Weartough Multiseal Dock Seal


COMBINATION COMPRESSION & WIPER SEAL Environmental dock control system is designed to provide
 a tight dual action seal against both the rear and sides of a truck or trailer.

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The compression style inner vertical pads deliver the desirable tight seal for standard trailers while the outer curtains provide a secondary wiper seal for standard trailers or trucks offset from the building wall due to rear tail gates or steps being present.
The unique dual sealing function provides the most effective and versatile protection for personnel and cargo while loading and off-loading trailers.
The truck backs into the dock bumpers compressing the inner side pads and top curtain while wiping the outer sides of the truck or trailer to effectively keep out inclement weather, dust and insects creating a more productive and safer environment.


  • Patented superior side pad design seals both standard trailers with a compression inner pad and trucks with steps or lift gates with outer wiping curtains.
  • High-tear abrasion resistant fabrics with double lock stitched seams.
  • Head & side curtains inserted with stays & foam bead on inside edge to conform & retain a tight seal against trailer top & sides.
  • Standard 8” exposure wear pleats on inner pad.
  • Pressure treated superior grade backing & head frame lumber.
  • Head Curtain with overlapping wear pleats in corners & TOUGH-SPLIT™ stress relief.
  • Rigid raked head frame channels water to sides.
  • Suitable for door openings up to 9 ft. wide x 10 ft. high.
  • Bottom corner draft flaps & galvanized mounting hardware included.


  • 50 oz. WT 90 WEARTOUGH® Base Fabric.
  • 4”, 6” or 8” Exposure Wear Pleats.
  • 50 oz. WT-90 WEARTOUGH® Wear Pleats.
  • Tapered Sides for Decline/Incline Approach.
  • Fabric Covered Wood Build-Out.  


  • Dock Levelers.

  • Vehicle Restraints.

  • RAINSHIELD™ Combination Trailer Top Seal.
  • RAIN-STOP™ Combination Trailer Top Seal.
  • Loading Dock Lights.


NORDOCK® guarantees that the Model MS Model dock seal will perform as described and to the full satisfaction of the purchaser for one-year from date of receipt.
Consult your NORDOCK® representative for assistance in choosing the correct size and options for your application.