Rolling Steel Doors and Fire Doors



Rugged DuraCoil service doors, with aluminum, steel, or stainless steel slats, in a variety of gauges, are built to last. DuraCoil rolling service doors are an ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications.

Pentagon Security Shutters

There’s no need to compromise style to accommodate security at your commercial enterprise. Pentagon commercial storefront shutters have been proven to substantially reduce the chances of your property being targeted for theft.

Service Fire Door

Unique 2 spring system allows frequent testing at minimum cost.

Stay Open Fire Door

An economical alternative when a fire door is required to close only during testing or in the event of a fire.


Where safety and fire protection are crucial, choose FireCoil. FireCoil fire-rated rolling doors are the standard for facilities that require a listed fire door in a rated firewall.

Counter Fire Doors

Compact mechanical governor controls automatic closing speed to a range of 6" to 2' per second. Sure-Close release spring increases reliability of automatic closings.