We offer the highest quality “weight counter balanced” overhead doors anywhere. The lift system for these doors can be purchased with the door or separately for almost any size door whether the application is standard or for a very special application.

  • Commercial Door Openers

    It’s Easy to install, set up and trouble-shoot, this high cycle operator is loaded with features, yet remarkably reliable and simple to use.

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  • Hanover Lift Systems (Weight Counter Balance)

    Hanover Doors has long seen a need for a lift system that would work well on extremely wide, high, or frequent use applications. As well where caustic humidity is a challenge. In short, where frequent service is not an acceptable option.

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  • Rapid Roll Doors

    Our high speed industrial doors enable energy and cost savings as well as optimized traffic flows, production and logistic activities. Our high speed roll up doors are safe, reliable, maintenance and user friendly.

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  • Rolling Steel Doors & Fire Doors

    Rolling Steel Doors can be used in Counter Shutters, Detached Garages, Sheds, Park Shelters, Roll-Up Interiors, Partition Dividers, School Equipment Sheds, Security Doors, Self-Storage Facilities, Small Span Structures, Backyard Sheds, Apartment/Condo Storage Locker Doors, Boat Houses, Carousels, and more.

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  • Sliding Mullion (Sliding Post)

    For extra wide openings, Hanover Door Systems can install a Sliding Mullion between two overhead doors that can be slid to the side, thus increasing the overall width of the door opening. Either door can still be opened on their own.

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  • Stainless Steel Garage Door Hardware

    For those applications that are subject to the harshest environments. Recommended applications include: car washes, truck washes, dairy farms poultry farms, hog farms, food processing plants, potato storage facilities, salt sheds, rendering facilities, mining facilities, freezer storage, ship yards, etc.

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  • Torsion Spring Doors

    Our door systems are built stronger with Neufoam™ technology – a continuous foaming process that renders cavity-free sections. We can also provide an attractive and practical solution when maximum light and/or visibility is required.

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