Hanover Lift Systems (Weight Counter Balance)

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Hanover Doors has long seen a need for a lift system that would work well on extremely wide, high, or frequent use applications. As well where caustic humidity is a challenge. In short, where frequent service is not an acceptable option.

With these challenges in mind, we refined a system that has the right qualities to solve most of these issues and problems, but allowing you to use your own door panels, cable, and seals. We provide you with the lift mechanism, end caps to fit your panels, an installation manual and video. Complete door systems are available if you so desire.



Simple and durable. Steel ballast is used to counter the weight of the door. The door goes up and the weights come down. The door goes down and the weights go up. An enclosure on one side of the door guides a series of weights. These weights are connected to the door by a cable through a series of pulleys. This is the Hanover Lift System.

This system offers many advantages. – It’s durability allows for almost unlimited cycles of operation. Servicing the door is easy but under normal use is usually not required. – It is ideal for very high, wide or high and wide doors.

Unlimited Cycles – Longevity

The longevity of the Hanover Lift System is the result of the design of the system as well as the design of all the components. All of the parts used in the Hanover Lift System are designed to last the life of the building into which the system is installed.

The sealed rollers for example, have a 2000 lb load capacity. The rollers and welded hinges ensure long life regardless of how often you use the door.

The weight enclosure is a welded steel cage and for your safety it is covered with 28 gauge galvanized metal to keep out fingers.

Severe conditions are characteristic of potato or vegetable storage buildings. The Hanover Lift System will stand up to the extreme humidity and corrosive effects of vegetable storage.


The Hanover Lift System works well in most standard or special applications. Hard to reach, hard to service mine shafts or other applications such as apartment block garages, hospital parking or applications that demand hundreds of cycles per day.

  • Grain elevators may require doors up to 28 feet high or higher.
  • Warehouses or service shops that require extra wide and high overhead doors. Sliding mullions are optional and extremely effective in providing a narrow or very wide opening.
  • Many new or existing buildings may have very little headroom. The Hanover Lift System works well with as little as 12″ of headroom.
  • Hanover Lift Systems stand up well in truck and car washes. Quonset buildings with limited headroom, corporate farms and commercial or industrial warehouses.

Simplicity of the Weight Counter Balance System

The principle of The Hanover Lift System is as follows. A weight is carried up and down an enclosure. As the weight moves, the door moves. The force of gravity acting on both the door and the weights creates equilibrium. Fewer panels are required, as standard panels must be joined to create panel heights of 42, 45, or 48 inches.The only moving parts are the cables, pulleys and rollers. End caps to accommodate your door panels are included.

Balance adjustments are made at the time of installation. The balance is so precise that even a very large door can be opened easily by hand.

The Hanover Lift System is easy to operate manually, by chain hoist or by an electric operator. Hand transmitters, photo eyes, auto reversing options and all industry standard safety and convenience features are readily available.



An essential part of the Hanover Lift System is the face hardware which has been built with the same durability in mind. The lift system and face hardware can be installed on most panels of your choice.

Track Hardware

Along with the heavy-duty hardware, Hanover Lift Systems supplies a track and pulley system as an integral part of the Lift System. A Hanover Lift System includes the weight counter-balance, the hardware kit including face hardware, tracks, end caps and pulleys. Everything is included except the panels and seals.

Hanover Lift System Hardware