Commercial Door Openers

Richards Wilcox Door Openers

It’s Easy to install, set up and trouble-shoot. This high cycle operator is loaded with features, yet remarkably reliable and simple to use.

Manaras Door Openers

Manaras Jackshaft Operators are designed to be used on any door with a shaft, sprockets and chain as the driving elements. They can be installed on high or vertical lift doors, as well as on standard lift sectional doors or rolling doors and grilles. They can be wall, hood or shelf mounted on either side of the door. Trolley Operators are designed to open and close standard lift doors as the carriage is driven back and forth on the horizontal operator track. They are usually ceiling mounted on the centerline of the door.

GDI Gates and Door Openers

GDI Openers have been designed and produced in Markham, Ontario. GDI applications engineers provide customer support in the planning stage of a new product line launch, product installation and field service.