Hanover Lift Systems

Hanover Lift Systems (Weight Counter Balanced)


Hanover Doors has long seen a need for a lift system that would work well on extremely wide, high, or frequent use applications. As well where caustic humidity is a challenge. In short, where frequent service is not an acceptable option.

With these challenges in mind, we refined a system that has the right qualities to solve most of these issues and problems, but allowing you to use your own door panels, cable, and seals. We provide you with the lift mechanism, end caps to fit your panels, an installation manual and video. Complete door systems are available if you so desire.


About the supplier

Although Hanover Door Systems started in 1996, we have many employees whose experiences reach farther back. Our patented Weight Counterbalance System is modified by our in-house experts for each specific job. We specialize in weight counter balance and torsion spring overhead door applications. Bring us your most difficult application and we will make sure that you are satisfied with the results.