Cold Storage NV Vertical Storing Dock

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The NORDOCK® COLDSTORAGE™ Series NV Vertical Storing Dock Levelers provide the utmost in energy efficiency, cleanliness and warehouse security.



Simple push button controls enable the operator to raise and lower the ramp and extend or retract the lip at any time during operation for quick cycles and end-load access.

Constant pressure Power-Up/Power-Down and Emergency Stop controls.

The ramp is automatically monitored and controlled by a non-mechanical position sensor.

For additional safety and ease of use the ramp is stored over-center in its vertical position.


The platform is a unitized welded structure with continuous welds at the beam, header plate and lugs for maximum strength. Beams are welded to the deck plate on both sides in a superior 33% weld pattern along their full length.

The deck plate, lip plate, beam sections and lugs are constructed of minimum 55,000 PSI yield material. The continuous rear hinge with stainless steel rod provides 4″ side-to-side tilt with no pinch point and comes factory coated with anti-seize lubricant.

High visibility 4″ high side run-off guards are welded to each side of the ramp assembly.

Increased lip chamfer and continuous rear hinge ensures the smoothest transition from building to trailer.


External wall or stand-mounted totally enclosed non-ventilated 1 HP power unit available in all voltages. NEMA 12 dust tight control panel with motor starter, push button controls, emergency stop and operator instructions on hinged cover.

Hydraulic cylinders are a heavy-duty design with polished chrome rods, guide bearings and high-pressure seals. The hydraulic hoses are SAE 100R2 with permanent fittings attached.

System Integration

Various equipment integration systems are available to provide a safe sequence of operation.

The dock leveler, door, vehicle restraint, air seal and communication lights should all be integrated to ensure an optimum safety system.