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No matter how tall or wide your opening, we can install a door that will suit your needs, anywhere.


What We Do

Hanover Door Systems has provided quality overhead doors for over 25 years. We supply and install new door and access systems as well as service existing ones. We have 15 trucks on the road every day to meet our customers various needs.

  • Commercial

    We offer the highest quality “weight counter-balanced” overhead doors anywhere. The lift system for these doors can be purchased with the door or separately for almost any size door whether the application is standard or for a very special occasion.

  • Residential

    The Richards Wilcox Residential Doors that we sell are not only one of the strongest, most efficient door systems in the world, but also offer a complete range of residential garage doors that will make your home look beautiful for years to come. RW door models include…


Where We Serve

If you can contact us, we can serve you. We supply and service overhead doors across Canada, from coast to coast, as well as the far north, while providing our patented weight counterbalance lift system with or without door panels all over the world. If it can be reached by land, sea, or air, we can help you with your project.


Design A Door

Build the Perfect Garage Door for your Home with RW’s Design-A-Door system. Quickly Scroll through our ample selection of models, styles options and request a quote, all in a matter of minutes.


Customer Challenges? Hanover Solutions.

Customer Challenge:

Jobsite: Rural Farm Shop, Southern Saskatchewan

40'x24' Opening needed an overhead sectional door, customer would not accept a bi-fold door or a sliding mullion center post.

Hanover Solution:

Hanover Doors supplied a custom built counterweight overhead door with several unique modifications:

Door features: Counterweight lift system, center lift cable, 12" wide end hinges with custom rollers, engineered box trusses to meet wind load requirements, and reinforced horizontal tracks.

Customer Challenge:

Jobsite: Countryside Eggs, Steinbach

Customer wanted to add a dock leveler into an existing finished floor.

Hanover Solution:

Hanover Doors provided the technicians and equipment to cut holes in the concrete, prep for a new dock leveler, then place a new dock leveler into an existing floor.

Customer Challenge:

Jobsite: Family Farm, Altona

Large farm shops are often dark and dreary, customer wanted lots of natural light to work safely under large equipment and improve mental health on short winter days.

Hanover Solution:

Hanover Doors provided several 30’x18’ polycarbonate translucent door systems that allow lots of natural light to flood the shop.

Customer Challenge:

Jobsite: Alberta

Needed an overhead door with multiple features.

Hanover Solution:

This door features 2 Hanover Doors custom features: Counterweight lift systems & sliding mullion post. Hanover’s counterweight system excels at lifting narrow & tall doors, there are 2-16’ wide x 30’ high doors in a 32’x30’ opening.

Customer Challenge:

Jobsite: Saskatchewan Farm

This door was so wide & heavy, that no spring system on the market could lift it.

Hanover Solution:

Hanover Doors custom team developed a counter weight lift system to easily and efficiently raise & lower this 44’x22’ door.

Customer Challenge:

Jobsite: Midwest

This mine required 11 large, heavy duty insulated doors. They range in size from 26’x20’ to 36’x28’!

Hanover Solution:

Hanover Doors custom team produced 11 counter weight lift systems that met and exceeded their requirements.

Customer Challenge:

Jobsite: Eastman Recycling

This recycling plant needed a large door to accommodate raised dump trucks.

Hanover Solution:

Hanover Doors provided a 12’ wide x 25’ high counter weight door that used only 15” of headroom clearance!



A big shout out to the great folks at Hanover Doors! Just before Christmas our car and garage door had an unfortunate meeting. After talking to Norbert at the office, arrangements were made to install a new door sometime after Jan. 7. To our surprise, we were called saying that the door could be done on Dec. 31. We were delighted! It was a very cold day but the technician who came was diligent and persistent and our new door was installed. However, for some reason the opener suddenly did not work. To the credit of all the folks at Hanover Doors, they persisted until all things worked smoothly! We were most impressed with the work! We will most definitely recommend Hanover Doors to any one we can!

Bob and Violet Vogt​


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